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Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Owen T. Carhart

Owen Carhart is an accomplished entrepreneur and businessman residing in Miami, Florida.  Mr. Carhart earned his bachelor’s degree from Gettysburg College in 2009. In 2010 Mr. Carhart founded Carhart Capital Management, an investment firm focused on advising and consulting retail and institutional investment clients on investment and insurance products. Carhart Capital Management expanded its offices to Miami Florida in 2011 and grew its assets under management. In 2016 Carhart Capital Management’s assets was acquired by a competitor organization. In 2015 Mr. Carhart incorporated Carhart Enterprises, LLC, a holding company developed for the purpose of investing, consulting, and developing new or existing entities that required additional capital or business development to go to market. Owen Carhart currently retains ownership in two developed entities and has divested interests in seven other entities. 

Mr. Carhart has broad business development and financial expertise across multiple industries which include: Finance, manufacturing, health-care, retail, commercial and residential real estate, and political consulting and fundraising. Through his career Mr. Carhart has assisted in multiple capital raises resulting in a total amount raised of over $20M for multiple companies, organizations, and not for profits.  Further, Mr. Carhart has consulted with over 40 start-up organizations and has been a trusted advisor and consultant for bringing new products to market, negotiating deal structures, and generally improving business processes/ systems.

Mr. Carhart is also a passionate and civically engaged global citizen and has sat on the board of directors for three not for profit organizations and has been the financial chair for over 10 political campaigns in Miami Florida and Western Pennsylvania. His business expertise has assisted these organization in growing their reach, increasing their top line charitable contributions, and executing this respective mission statements.