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Director of Clinical Translation

Mercedes Kweh, Ph.D.

Mercedes received her doctoral degree in Immunology and Molecular Biology from the University of Florida.  She is a self-motivated and versatile Medical Research Immunologist with a 16+ year history encompassing detailed development of medical and commercial strategies, execution of pre-clinical and clinical research, effective influence on scientific collaborations, and supervision of cross-functional teams.
Over the course of her career, she has established a track record of success by leveraging a collaborative leadership and teamwork style to accomplish all short- and long-term clinical objectives. She articulates excellent communication skills as she has successfully published 33 peer-reviewed articles and has presented her work in numerous national and international research and clinical conferences.  She has also built a solid base of knowledge and expertise in clinical operations and specialized care (i.e. oncology, hematologic malignancies, bone pathologies, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular disease).  Prior to joining Neobiosis she was investigating the preclinical efficacy and safety profile of tyrosine kinase inhibitors in the treatment of hematologic cancers and has an extensive understanding of the current and developing Standard of Care in this area making her an asset in the fundamental understanding of the impact our products can have in this therapeutic area.

Throughout her career, she has provided efficient oversight of clinical trial operations, displayed a deep passion for medical writing, and showcased exceptional capabilities during collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders, as well as Health Care Professionals. These various attributes ensure that she, not only, has the understanding but the drive to facilitate the consistent growth of our organizational goals, guaranteeing continuous compliance of regulatory standards, and achieving expectations set by Neobiosis.